Biometric Gun Safes Vs Traditional Gun Safes – Which One Is Best For You?

If you are one of the firearm owners than you must aware that how important it is to keep your weapons protected. For the protection of your guns as well as other important things like documents and money, you need a good gun safe with a good security lock feature. With this, you also want to make sure that members in your own family are safe from such incidents taking places if a gun is accidentally accessed by a kid in your home. According to statistics, 2.5 million robberies occur each year in the United States Of America. In simple words, for every 13 seconds, there is a forced entry or robbery that happened in the USA.

Keeping all these scenarios in your mind you’d always want to buy the best gun safe. However, if you confused between Biometric gun safes and Traditional gun safes then read this article to know which one is best suitable for the job.

Biometric Gun Safe Vs Traditional Gun Safes

Biometric Gun Safes

A biometric gun safe is a gun safe that uses a fingerprint scanner to identify the registered fingerprint of the authenticated person. In these safes, only a person who is already registered in the system of the safe can access the valuables inside the gun safe. Biometric gun safes are a bit expensive as compared to traditional safes.

Traditional Gun Safes

Traditional gun safes are the gun safes that uses traditional unlocking methods like keys, digital keypad locks, combination locks, mechanical locks, etc. to protect the valuables inside the safe. These safes are cheap in price as compared to biometric gun safes but less safe than them, as anyone can access these safes using your keys or knowing your combination codes.

Factors of Comparison – Biometric Gun Safes Vs Traditional Gun Safes

Both biometric and traditional gun safes are having their own qualities and importance according to the use and people’s choice. So here we are going to compare them on the basis of some important factors which are considered important while buying any gun safe.


One of the most important and biggest factors is the accessibility of the gun safe. Both biometric and traditional gun safes provide a lock to keep your guns safe. Where a traditional gun safe is going to use a key or combination of letters/numbers to unlock/lock the safe and the biometric gun safe will be using a fingerprint scanner. But here this makes the key difference. To open mechanical locks it requires time. You have to dial the right combination or find the right keys to unlock the safe. But what if you need to access the gun safe in an emergency situation but you forgot the combination or lost the keys?

In such cases, you will be unable to access the guns inside the safe while your safety is at the stake. In a situation like this biometric gun safes is the best option. Whenever you need to get access to your guns you just have to place your registered finger on the fingerprint scanner and you will be having your gun in your hands in a matter of seconds.

Typically the construction and locking mechanism are almost the same in both biometric and traditional gun safes, with the main difference being that a biometric gun safe uses a fingerprint scanner-based lock instead of a key or combination based digital or mechanical lock.


Because biometric gun safes are based on the latest technologies which are still in the development phases and making improvements day by day, so this makes biometric safes currently more expensive than any other available counterparts in the market. Price is not only based on the technology, this too depends on the size and durability of the material used in the manufacturing of the gun safe. There is a good chance that the price is going to remain the same as the biometric safes provide more advanced protection. And more features means extra price rise.

So when you look at this section with prospective of budget and pocket-friendliness then no doubt traditional gun safes are the best option for you as they fall under a decent price rate as compared to the biometric gun safes. And if you do not look that much about the accessibility and security, then traditional gun safes are not a that bad option. There are several traditional gun safes in the market which are much better than any biometric gun safe, when comes to quality and durability. That too at less price.


Here is another big difference between the biometric safe and the traditional safes, security. Both of them are safe options when talking about locking your firearms inside but there are some differences in safety too.


Because a biometric safe uses a fingerprint scanner to access your safe and the contents inside, it provides you much faster access. Faster access is important for the guns which intend to home security and defense. In them just touching the fingerprint scanner unlocks the gun safe, if the user is authenticated and already registered in the system. A traditional gun safe is also a good option, but it requires time for finding the right keys or guessing/remembering the correct combination of numbers or letters to access the content. Thus it results in slow access.

Identifying User

Identifying the user is another key difference between these two gun safes and acts as a key factor in safety and security. While in a traditional safe anyone with the key or guessing combination can access the content inside the safe. Even a kid or any teenager can do so. But in a biometric safe only authenticated user who has got registered in the system of the safe can access the safe. However biometric safe also includes a backup key, if something goes wrong. Whether chances of hacking are equal in both biometric and traditional safes.

Biometric Gun Safes offers more reliability and instant access to the safe in case of an emergency. Meanwhile, traditional gun safes can be opened by anyone if they have the key or guessing combination. Biometric Gun Safes requires your fingerprint to open the safe that makes it safer to use.

Final Verdict

After this long discussion, I have come to this conclusion that for protecting you from any kind of home invasion or for any simple protection, for fast access and security purposes a biometric gun safe is a far more reliable option than any traditional gun safe.

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