6 Best In-Wall Gun Safes In 2021 [All Budget]: Hidden Wall Safe Review

When we talk about guns, their safety must be your priority. Being a gun owner, it must be your amenability to keep your guns safe. There are so many options to keep your guns safe, but the most secured one is gun safes. Gun safes are of many kinds, and here we’re going to talk about in-wall gun safes, but first, we need to know what are in-wall gun safes and why they were invented.

In an earlier time, all gun owners have suffered from a common problem with keeping their guns safe from stealers and keeping them away from the reach of children, which is the main reason behind the invention of gun safes. Firstly gun safes were made with wheel & pin combination and key-lock, lock system. With time, the lock system evolved and came with high-security systems.

Best In Wall Gun Safes

After buying those vaults, gun owners start installing their vaults in the walls by drilling and screwing. When the safes were installed in walls successfully, it becomes straightforward to keep guns safe by hiding them in in-wall gun safes, and paintings and wall hangings can also hide those safes.

Why You Need A Gun Safe

Being a gun owner means that you will not want your gun in dangerous hands. Firearms are costly, and it is recommended to use guns safe to safeguard your firearm from children’s. They are not as expensive as your firearm, but they are essential.

A gun safe keeps your guns out of the wrong hands and assures you that your firearm will be safe unless it’s not in your direct possession.

There are many types of gun safes available in the market, but in-wall safes benefit from being easy to hide. This easy-to-hide feature prevents someone from stealing your gun safe because it strictly fits in your wall, making them more difficult to steal.

We recently covered Best Gun Safes for Pistols & Long Guns, and now, we’re going to list down some of the best in-wall gun safes to keep your guns secured.

Comparison List Of Best In-Wall Gun Safes

Image Product Features Price
V-Line Closet Vault II V-Line Closet Vault II
  • Brand: V-Line
  • Weight:60 Pounds
  • Dimensions:53 x 18 x 5.8 inches
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Amsec WFS149 In Wall Gun Safe Amsec WFS149 In Wall Gun Safe
  • Brand: Amsec
  • Weight: 106 Pound
  • Dimensions: 16 x 14 x 19.5 inches
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Infinity Biometrics Wall Safe Infinity Biometrics Wall Safe
  • Brand: infinity
  • Weight:29 Lbs
  • Dimensions:14-1/8” x 18-1/4” x 3-7/8”
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Protex FW-1814Z In Wall Gun Safe Protex FW-1814Z In Wall Gun Safe
  • Brand: Protex
  • Weight: 29 Pound
  • Dimensions: 3.88 x 14.13 x 18.25 inches
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Mesa Safes Adjustable Wall Safe Mesa Safes Adjustable Wall Safe
  • Brand: Mesa
  • Weight:40 Pound
  • Dimensions:6 x 15 x 22.13 inches
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Barska AX12038 In Wall Gun Safe Barska AX12038 In Wall Gun Safe
  • Brand: Barska
  • Weight: 31 pounds
  • Dimensions:3.73″ x 15.4″ x 20.75″
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Best In-Wall Gun Safes

1. V-Line Close Vault II

The V-Line Closet Vault ll is one of the unique in-wall gun safes, which is very spacious and long. Closet vault ll is specially made to keep long guns safe, like rifles and shotguns. It is so huge that it can keep 4 long guns and several pistols or small handguns. Closet vault ll is an upgraded creation of V-Line’s. This version fitted a 3 point combination locking system, making this vault a highly secured in-wall gun safe.


v line closet vault in wall gun safe

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V-line closet vault ll has several variations, including Peg Board, Pistol Rack hanger, Half shelf, and Full Shelf. This new upgraded version is more secure than the last one because of its new lock, 3 point combination lock system. Its lock is highly secured but easy to handle by the owner. The main feature of its lock is that it has many different lock combinations, which is approximately above 1000 combinations. There is no use of the battery in this lock, and it’s fully mechanical. In this version, steel rods are fitted at the bottom and on the top also. This feature makes it’s durability, strength, and security to the next highly secured level.

Installation Process

The V-Line Closet Vault ll was invented to install in cabinets and closets. It can also be installed behind the doors. This vault is a bit pricey, but it’s easy to install. It can be framed both vertically and horizontally as per the owner’s choice. It’s easy to install it by drilling and screwing.


  • Spacious, that it can hold 4 long guns and more than a dozen pistols.
  • Dimensions, 13.½ inches wide × 50 inches high × 5.¾ inches deep.
  • 3 point mechanical, combination lock.
  • It weighs about 65 pounds.
  • Adjustable shelves; full or half.
  • Higher capacity.
  • Interchangeable parts.
  • Made-to-order.
  • Fully mechanical or no use of the battery.

Now, we’ll get to know about its features, properties, and some drawbacks.

Closet Vault ll is huge and spacious so that it can hold up a big number of arms. It’s 3 points mechanical, and the combination lock makes it more secure than the last version. It can be installed both vertically or horizontally. There is not a single use of the battery, and it’s fully mechanical. The main drawback of Closet Vault ll is the high cost, and it’s a bit pricey and also takes much cost for installation.

2. Amsec WFS149 In Wall Gun Safe

The American Security(AMSEC) WFS149 is a fireproof in-wall safe, which can easily handle fire for 1 hour, which means it will never exceed 350° F. It is one of the safest in-wall gun safes, where you can hide your guns and get rid out of the fear of getting theft. WFS149 is in the list of the best in-wall gun safes, that’s all because of its locking system, which provides both key-lock and mechanical combination locking system. It comes with a deep interior where you can keep 6 to 7 pistols and ammo with the help of magnetic holsters.

Amsec WFS149 In Wall Gun Safe

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The WFS149 is a highly secured in-wall gun safe with two locking bolts on the left of the door and two bolts on the right. It’s forged by 16 gauge steel and with an adjustment of steel rods, making it stronger. The doors of WFS149 are made up of ½ inches thick steel and locking bolts on each side of the door with the connection to the lock. It’s not so spacious, but it has one adjustable shelf and tray just to arrange space according to the owner’s will. It must be installed between the wall studs. It will be easy for you to keep your guns safe or hide after getting installed, but paintings and wall hangings can’t hide this vault.


The WFS149 is a wide safe but not so high. It must be framed between the wall studs but screwing. It takes a lot of space to install. It must be installed in a wall where you have another wall adjustment to hold it’s back and frame your vault safely. Paintings can’t hide it. The only way to hide is that arrange a cupboard on it or something else.


  • Dimensions, 19.½ inches high × 14 inches wide × 15.31 inches deep.
  • UL records 1 one fire resistance.
  • Adjustable shelf and tray.
  • Group ll mechanical, combination lock.
  • Side locking bolts on each side.
  • ½ inch thick door with majestic black granite finish.
  • It can hold six pistols and good ammo.
  • Forged with 16 gauge steel.

If we talk about the drawbacks of WFS149, it’s installation is the first thing to mention. It’s too deep to install in a single wall. It’s too deep to install in a single wall. WFS149 is a wide vault that must be framed in a wall with an adjustment of another wall or a place where no vacancy occurs, just only a solid place. There is the second-most disturbing problem that it can’t have more trays or shelves to hold guns. You can put your guns in it with magnetic holsters.

3. Infinity Biometrics Wall Safe

The Infinity Biometric Wall Safe is one of the most expensive and secured in-wall gun safes. This wall safe is a smart vault with a fingerprint sensor that can read the owner’s fingerprint swiftly. It’s one of the safest options to secure your arms and other valuable assets from larceny or getting inflamed. This in-wall safe is very secured but not much spacious so that it can keep only 3 pistols or small handguns, but you can put magazines also, as per the size of guns. It has two adjustable shelves, which you can move up and down or remove from it. The exact capacity of this safe is to hold 3 pistols, but after the removal or adjustment of shelves, you can put the ammo.

infinity biometric gun safes

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This Infinity vault comes with the biometric lock + fingerprint sensor and also with a backup of a key lock. This vault’s unlocking system is a bit slow, so that it may be stuck in a crisis or a very true emergency. Just to cope up with this problem, there is a backup of a key lock. This vault is made up of 16 gauge steel with a pair of chrome locking bolts. It is the best in-wall gun safe for a family or couple who share the same vault because it can accept more than 20 fingerprints.


Most of the in-wall gun safes are used to install between the wall studs to be framed in the wall studs. This wall safe was designed to be installed in 16 O.C wall studs, but it won’t trouble you framed behind the doors or cabinets. Infinity Biometric Wall Safe is highly secured and strong, so it must be installed by welding or other better ways.


  • Dimensions, 18.¼ high × 14.⅛ wide × 3.⅞ deep.
  • It weighs about 29 pounds.
  • Made of 16 gauge steel.
  • Steel door with chrome locking bolts.
  • Biometric lock with key lock backup.
  • Accept more than 20 fingerprints.
  • 2 adjustable shelves.
  • It can hold 3 pistols.

Now, we’re going to highlight some of the Infinity Biometric Wall Safe’s basic properties and drawbacks.

It is an expensive vault but also highly secured with biometric and key lock. It accepts more than 20 fingerprints. It’s a user-friendly safe that can read known fingerprints easily but also stuck in emergencies; it’s the main drawback of this vault, I think.

4. Protex FW-1814Z In Wall Gun Safe

Protex FW-1814Z is a well built, muscular safe to keep your arms safe and prevent them from thievery and keep out of the reach of children. It is one of the strongest safes with ⅝ inch thick door comprising ¾ inch two locking bolts. It has mobile locking bolts that can open the door automatically in a swift way. It’s an extremely secured vault with a biometric lock and a key lock back up to cope with the dead battery. It’s almost an electrical vault but a bit mechanical because of the key lock backup.

4. Protex FW-1814Z In Wall Gun Safe

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Protex FW-1814Z comprises heavy-duty 16 gauge steel with a high-tech biometric lock to provide you quick access in a genuine rush. When it reads your fingerprinting, it will provide you a speedy entrance in it, and then you can take your arms out instantly. This vault was designed to install in the wall studs, with the flat exterior. It can hold 3 pistols, with or without after-market magnetic holsters. It has a velvet-lined interior; all surfaces and shelves are velvet-lined. It has 2 velvet-lined shelves to adjust the space according to the size of the guns. The doors of it are spring fixed. After the reading of fingerprints, these springs will push the doors outward to open instantly.


Protex FW-1814Z was structured to be framed between the wall studs. It’s not so big so that it can be installed easily. You can install it, during the construction of the house and office or even after it. It is not a heavy vault, but there must be strong walls to hold it strictly.


  • Dimensions, 14.⅛ wide × 3.⅞ deep × 18.¼ high.
  • 3 pistol capacity and plenty of space for ammo.
  • Motorized chrome locking bolts with spring fitted doors.
  • Key backup, in case of the death of battery.
  • Larceny is resistant to a biometric lock.
  • High grade, velvet interior.
  • 2 removable shelves.
  • It weighs about 29 pounds.
  • Heavy-duty, 16 gauge steel.

The main problem of Protex FW-1814Z  is that it’s not water-resistant. Where you install it, just ensure that there will be no piece of water or humidity. It’s fire-resistant but can’t survive last long.

5. Mesa Safes Adjustable Wall Safe

The Mesa Safes Adjustable wall safe is one of the most secured in-wall gun safes, specially made to provide you quick access in a true emergency. It won’t trouble you at night or during off lights because there is a LED light fitted in it. It is an affordable and secured vault, but it can’t be installed easily.


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Mesa Safes Adjustable is made up of 16 gauge steel, which is a strength increasing factor. It is highly secured safe, comes with an electronic combination lock and key backup, helpful during dead battery or rush. It’s muscular, made up of heavy-duty steel; the doors are ¼ inch thick with a pair of hardened steel locking bolts of ¾ inch. It is one of the best options to hide your arms because it has 2 adjustable, expandable shelves that can shift to a safe depth. It allows you to keep 3 pistols or small handguns and not the big number of ammo. It’s a strong safety to hold your arms safe from burglary because it’s forged up with genuinely hard steel, which doesn’t let the house-breakers punch any hole or grind it easily.


It’s a wider safe that can be framed between the wall studs but not so effortlessly. It is easy to install it during the construction, but it will trouble you to install it in a post-constructed building. This adjustable wall safe is pre-holey, which is a time and effort reducing feature. It is telescoping in design, can be installed only in 2×4 ft. or 2×6 ft. wall studs. It’s a tight fit for already built properties, and the best is, it must be installed during construction.


  • Dimensions, 15 inches wide × 3.¼ – 6 inches deep × 22 inches high.
  • Keep 3 pistols and some ammo.
  • It weighs about 40 pounds.
  • Telescoping design.
  • Electronic lock with key backup.
  • 16 gauge, heavy-duty steel.
  • 2 expandable, adjustable shelves.
  • LED light fitted.

If you ask about its problems and drawbacks then, it’s the size and difficult installation that will be my answer. It’s big, that can’t be installed so easily. It’s made up of heavy-duty, thick steel, which increases its size. The size and width are the only problems that trouble you to install it easily between the wall studs. It can’t be installed in an already built building so effortlessly, but the most superior way to install that it should be installed during the construction.

6. Barska AX12038 In Wall Gun Safe

The Barska AX12038 is the most superior option to keep your arms safe, and it is an ideal vault for multiple users. It’s made up of 16 gauge steel and prying resistant doors. It is a biometric in-wall gun safe comes with a key backup. Its biometric sensor is high-tech that can accept up to 120 fingerprints. Because it accepts more than 120 fingerprints, it is ideal for official use.

Barska AX12038 in wall gun safe

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It can keep 3 pistols and some magazines. It’s made heavy-duty with a pair of hardened steel locking bolts on the door. It has a shiny rubber padded interior, which can protect your guns from scratches. It has the best fingerprint sensor, can read fingerprints swiftly to give you quick access. It has secondary access to, key backup to let you enter in the event of a dead battery. This safe was principally designed to be framed behind the paintings and mirrors. It is ideal for; office use, police departments, business use, and families.


The installation of this vault is genuinely tough. It was designed to be framed between 16, o.c wall studs, but it requires some carpentry work to frame it perfectly.


  • Dimensions, 20.¾ inches high, 3.¾ deep, 15.½ wide.
  • Can keep 3 pistols and extra magazines.
  • Weight 29 pounds.
  • Biometric lock with key backup.
  • Accepts up to 120 fingerprints.
  • 16 gauge steel with 2 locking bolts.

The only bad thing I found in it; its installation. It requires some carpentry work to be installed perfectly.

In Wall Gun Safe Buying Guide

Locking Mechanism

There can be many ways to open Safes. Each type of locking mechanism has its advantages and disadvantages. Majorly you can find simply key to biometric locks that read your fingerprint, mechanical combination locks, and electronic Numpad, which is also a pretty solid mechanism.

Biometric locks are more difficult to access unethically, but they required a power source to function. Mechanical locks don’t rely on power, but they required the key every time you open the safe.

You can search more for each of them to understand how they work, then choose the one that works best for you.


Before going for any in-wall gun safe, ask yourself what you want to put in it. If you have many weapons such as a handgun, rifles, ammunition, and firearm accessories, you may require a big-sized in-wall gun safe. There are various sizes available, and you can pick one that fits your type and have enough room to store all your firearms.

Safe’s Material & Constructions

Check the safe material and build quality. It should be strong enough for more security. It is a foolish decision to invest in a safe with low-quality material and thin walls. Good quality steel door safe guarantee maximum security for whatever you want to store in it. This can easily keep away unauthorized entry.

Other Features

Many other features make a gun safe for strong, and durable. Some safes have a warning light to let you know when the battery is low or needs replacement or charging.

Check with the manufacturer’s descriptions that what unique feature it offers to you.

Wrapping Up The Things

For safe recommendations for home defense weapons, check out our guides to Best Handguns For Home Defense.

Here we’ve included the best in-wall gun safes as per the best of our knowledge. If you find this article helpful, kindly comment on your opinion.

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